Dedicated to the Memory of Sarah Anne Thompson

I have not posted in awhile (busy life), and this is way out of sequence.

Inspired by Chapter 14, The Sixth Sense, of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I call it the FIRST SENSE – because it is strong when
we are born and diminishes as we grow, due mainly to
Suggestions of others received through our developing
five physical senses.

Hill’s little book, TGR, is a guide to uncovering our
buried Sense. The first nine chapters lay the
groundwork of mental skills needed in preparation. The
next four chapters introduce Hill’s philosophy of the
Chemistry of the Mind. After THIS chapter on the Temple
of Wisdom, Hill concludes by exposing the things that
erect a wall between us and our First Sense.

Yes, I said “little book”. Tackle Hill’s “Law of
Success in Sixteen Lessons” sometime. Now, THAT is a
big book. TGR only scratches the surface.

Now, I believe my friend Sarah Thompson had uncovered a
strong First Sense.

Earlier this year, Sarah narrowly escaped two brushes
with death with the aid of some very brilliant
surgeons. Most people believed the miraculous events
signaled a new lease on a long life to come.

But Sarah left many clues in private conversation that
she knew otherwise. Her remaining time on Earth was to
be short.

She was criticized for craving certain “comfort foods”
during her recovery. But Sarah lived in the NOW and
wanted to enjoy her moments to the fullest.

I have seen folks spend weeks, months and years sitting
around waiting to die. A horrible waste of moments!

This was NOT Sarah. She spent her final days SERVING

Just a couple of weeks ago we were packing the
belongings of a neighbor who was moving. Sarah showed
up to pitch in, admonishing me, “If You needed help,
why didn’t You call me?”

I replied, “You are still recovering from open heart

But Sarah was a SERVANT. She truly had a Servant’s
Heart. Her final week was filled with teaching,
coaching and mentoring – both to a worldwide audience
and one-on-one.

Sarah was in one of her favorite places (her kitchen)
engaged in one of her Passions (cooking), when the Lord
suddenly called her home.

She left this world with many projects and plans still
on the burners. Although she experienced many amazing
events and places, many joys and sorrows in her life,
Sarah still had a quite full Bucket List when she died.

Many consider it tragic that one should die with a full
Bucket List.

NO!!! A tragedy would be dying with an EMPTY BUCKET

A life without hopes, dreams and desires is no life at

I’ve heard the oft-repeated phrase, “Don’t die with
Your music still in You.”

Well, for many, many years now I’ve been letting my
music out – both literally and figuratively.

So, am I done?

Oh, HELL no!!!

I love You all and will NEVER stop BELIEVING IN YOU!

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm – Florida, USA

P.S. Every day is a new song, every week a new

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Ken Klemm



That is why, at Mentoring For Free, We Teach You HOW to
Think, Not WHAT to Think.


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8 thoughts on “Dedicated to the Memory of Sarah Anne Thompson

  1. From the 1st time I heard Sarah talking on one of the mental cleanse calls, I was totally inspired. Her story how she lost so much, was in great despair and then climbed out of that black hole to grow and inspire hundreds, maybe even thousands. Sarah’s lessons were always great gems, she knew how to get right to the heart with her messages.
    I will miss hearing your voice on the calls, Sarah but will keep you in my heart. Sarah was a shining example to us on how to get it from our head to our heart!
    When I think of you, Sarah, it will not be with sadness, but with a little smile and gladness of having known you!

  2. You are so right Ken!!! We MUST live EVERY day like it’s our LAST day. These past few weeks with Sarah on the call gave me so much clarity on life. Thanks for the post Ken!!!

  3. I would never have thought of the sadness of dying with an empty bucket, Ken. What a great insight. I will never get to meet Sarah, but I have grown and will continue to grow from her teaching. She has an amazing legacy in Mentoring for Free.

  4. Hi Ken,

    wow, what an inspiring post in memory of a true mentor with a servant’s heart. I remember when Sarah and I hugged each other in the hotel in New Orleans – it was an incredible hug – only 6 weeks before her passing. And I said to her:”Until next time…”

    Well, in this case, there will be no next time.

    It saddens me, yes, and yet I am grateful that I met her personally in Genoa/Italy and on our company’s convention cruise.

    Until next time…

    What if there’s no next time ? No tomorrow to forgive or no later to do the things we want to do or we are supposed to do ?

    Be blessed my friend and thanks for being an inspiration, always.


  5. Ken:

    The teaching we have received through the MFF calls and the Mental Cleanse calls could not be purchased at any price and yet each of the leaders have freely shared their knowledge on these calls. Sarah’s call on Dec. 19th, had such insight when she spoke of learning to be a Professional Follower and as time goes by, we will become that Leader we were meant to be i.e. we don’t become a leader without first becoming a good follower. We learn to walk before we run. We don’t purchase a kit and become an expert. Even though I have never met Sarah personally face-to-face, she will always have a spot in my heart. As Michael stated, this is our chosen family and considering all of the MFF members as family, Sarah was an inspiration to all of us.
    God Bless,

  6. It may be “way out of sequence” for what you had been doing here, but not out of sequence in the big scheme of things. How like life!!

    I love your tribute, Ken. It’s a lovely tribute to a Lovely Lady, and one that inspires me to action. Thank you so much for writing it and sharing it with all of us.

    Willena Flewelling

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